Love, Laugh, and Splinters


Island kid meets down-home Idahoan girl of his dreams, and they start a life of adventure together. I met my wife in college, and we were the perfect fit for each other. Soft heart and callused hands partnered with tough love and unstoppable spirit & faith.

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What started as a side hustle in college has grown to become our means for putting food on the table. The first ever project for sale was an Idaho sign cut with a jigsaw. We would print out a large state outline, cut around the border, and trace it onto a board before we cut it out. Thankfully, we've since upgraded the quality and efficiency of our work to using a cnc router to engrave 3D scenes, custom wedding gifts, and other signage in addition to furniture.

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We found out we were having a baby right after I had quit my first job out of school. This next chapter was full of adjustments and growing to see if we could turn the woodworking business into something that could provide for three mouths instead of two.

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Our son kept us laughing, smiling and eager to make things happen for future growth, so in the fall of 2016, I went full-time working building furniture and other pieces. Heart Of Timber continued to grow and we doubled the size of our shop (from a one car garage to two) and moved across town to Southwest Boise. 

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In January of 2017, we found out Mallory was pregnant again and it boosted our spirits even more to find a way to keep going. Thankfully, a huge opportunity came along to pitch building furniture for a new brewery opening up in the San Juan Islands. After prototyping and negotiations, we landed the job and it kept our dreams alive. 


The night I got home from delivering San Juan Island Brewing Co.'s furniture, I got a message asking if I would pitch furniture for a new ice cream shop opening up in Downtown Boise. This was a sign to continue the course, and keep our foot on the gas growing our shop.

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Our daughter was born in September after we had just wrapped up a conference table job, and thanks to the continued support from our customers, we were able to afford the medical payments to bring her into the world!

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As we entered into 2018 after another strong holiday gift season, we had time to reflect on what is yet to come. We have faith that if we can continue to serve the communities that we're blessed to be involved with, good things are still on the horizon.

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