Host More Meetings & Deals Around A Conference Table You (and Your Clients) Love

Siberian Elm “Valley” Table Delivered To Customer in Downtown Boise, Idaho.

Siberian Elm “Valley” Table Delivered To Customer in Downtown Boise, Idaho.

The rush of making a deal - a firm handshake & a grateful smile.

Think of a time when you are preparing to host the meeting where a deal/pitch/negotiation takes place. You and your team have been working on for weeks/months, and you need to be in the zone. Imagine yourself preparing for this meeting...

You ensure that all the tech is working properly, your is pitch rehearsed, and you've studied the people walking through the office door so you're ready to rift on tangents, keeping conversation organic & authentic.

When your future clients walk into the board or conference room, it gives you that extra boost in confidence when they say, "Wow! Awesome table." Starting things off well and having them feel comfortable in your space sets the stage for you to do what you do best - build genuine relationships, provide value, and close the deal.


While each meeting and every office has their own flavor, one factor remains constant:

You and your team work hard. You deserve an office space that keeps you standing tall and keeps that fire in your eyes knowing you can host the meetings, discussions, sprints, and deals with confidence around furniture you love.

Here at Heart Of Timber we understand that people have different goals for their work space. Whether it's the "power table" you've been reading about in this blog post, the ability for you and your team to make the space custom to your needs, or another factor in helping you attract great employees & team members.

Building custom to the space makes our job fun, and your time in the office more comfortable, efficient, and confident. Empowering you to be at your best when you're at work and hosting prospects & current clients is what we live for. Our furniture is handcrafted to your space, delivered with care and built to accompany you along your journey.