Live Edge Floating Shelves

The owner of a growing medical spa in Meridian Idaho has a huge opportunity to sell her clients on products that provide further value, but there was a problem emerging.

As her client base continues to grow, so does the volume of products in her space. Left unmanaged, this can be a huge, messy problem - clutter; the enemy of a clean working space.

Both from design and operational perspectives, clutter does not partner well with a modern-style environment, or smooth sales pitches.

She could foresee that her office would become smaller and smaller with the growth she is experiencing. Ordering more products, making space for more materials, amenities, and keeping it comfortable for her clients would soon be challenging.

To help solve her problem, she reached out to Heart Of Timber to have some custom floating shelves made to display products on, and add a warmer tone to her bright, modern space.

Her goals with adding these floating shelves were to;

  1. Effectively display products for her clients to see.

  2. Enable her to reference them quickly.

  3. Efficiently allow people to touch and feel products during value-add sales pitches.

The room is much brighter during the day - these shelves were installed in the evening, and lighting was odd.

The room is much brighter during the day - these shelves were installed in the evening, and lighting was odd.

These custom floating shelves give her the ability to stay transparent by displaying all the products that will add value to her client's lives. The chair in her space faces directly at these shelves, and are at the perfect height she wanted.


Having these floating shelves designed specifically for her office helps her continue to add value to her clients and prevent a future problem from overtaking her office.

She is an entrepreneur that understands putting her clients first, knows how to sell real value in an effective way, and avoid the huge problem of clutter in a tight space.

If you're like her and would like to maintain a clean, organized and efficient space, get a quote and tell us what you're in search of.